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Our amazing team have put together some answers to FAQs from our wonderful customers about our scrumptious baked goods & online delivery service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No… you won’t be able to resist biting into our heavenly goodies! 😍

Treat Boxes FAQs

Can I add a personalised note to my online order?

Yes of course you can.  Please just pop what you would like us to write in the notes section!

How many treat items can I order online?

A minimum of 6 items, and a maximum of 12 for free shipping.  More can be ordered if required, but a shipping fee will apply.

How long will the treats last and how should I store them?

We recommend:

Brownies: to be enjoyed within 7 days (in or out of the fridge – keep them refrigerated for a more fudgy brownie, or in the box/air tight container for a more softer gooey brownie.)

Blondies: best kept in the fridge, and can be enjoyed within 7 days (enjoy straight from the fridge for a fudgy blondie, or leave out for a softer blondie.)

Cookies: should always be kept in the box or air tight container – not in the fridge, best eaten on the day of arrival or up to 3 days later. However, you can enjoy them microwaved to bring back the soft gooey cookie.

Cookie bars: should always be kept in the box or air tight container – not in the fridge, best enjoyed within 4 days. However, you can enjoy them microwaved to bring back the soft gooey cookie.

Cookie pies: should always be kept in the box or air tight container.  However, in the summer months we do recommend to pop them into the fridge. Best eaten within 5 days.  You can enjoy them microwaved to bring back the soft gooey cookie.

Rocky Roads/fridge cakes: should be kept in the fridge, and have a shelf life of 2 weeks!


Can I freeze the treats?

Yes you can!  We recommend to wrap them (if not already) and you can freeze for up to 3 months!  Lots of customers do this, and say they taste just as good!

Brownie Slabs FAQs

Can I have a personalised disk instead? (example - Happy 50th Kerry)

Yes you can! However, we would need to order these from Ems Bakehouse.  She has a 4-day turnaround, so we would need to know before then.  They are an additional £2.50 and you can add these by calling us on 01752 466831 or emailing us.

Can I choose a different flavour slab?

We have an extensive list on here of flavours to choose from, however if you call and give us enough notice we may be able to change it for you.
Phone No: 01752 466831

How long will the slab last for, and where should I store it?

The slabs are uncut, and we say they last around 8 days.  Blondies are best kept in the fridge. Brownies can be kept in the fridge or just somewhere shaded. Cookie bars must be kept out, somewhere shaded – ideally stored in the box or an airtight container.

Brownie Stacks FAQs

Can these be delivered?

Unfortunately they are for collection only I’m afraid, so sorry.

Do I choose the flavours?

Yes, you choose which 3 slabs you would like!  You can mix and match or have all 3 layers the same if you have a favourite.  We then decorate with a mixture of chocolates on top!

Can I change to chocolate buttercream?

Yes, they come online as standard with our Vanilla buttercream but if you call with 3 days’ notice, we can change it to chocolate.  Phone No: 01752 466831

Can I choose the chocolates on the top?

We usually use a mixture, going off the flavours you choose & then we add extras to fill (Dairy milk, Aero, Galaxy etc) never any nut products unless you choose a nut item. If you call with enough notice, we may be able to add the options you’d like on there!
Phone No: 01752 466831

Celebration Cakes FAQs

Can I collect my cake earlier than the arranged time?

You would need to call us to check first, as we like to make your cake as close to the collection time as possible so it’s as fresh as can be.  If you turn up early, there’s a high chance it will not be ready.

Can I supply something to go on the cake? (ie. mini alcohol, toppers)

Yes you can.  We are not allowed to supply alcohol, so this will always need to be provided by yourself.  Anything you wish for us to add on to the cake will need to be supplied to us a minimum of 3 days before.

Can you deliver my cake?

Unfortunately, cakes are for collection only.  I am so sorry.

How to do I transport my cake? and where do I store it?

Cakes need to be placed in your front footwell, or in the boot.  Those are the two safest places.

During warmer months, your cake will need to go straight into a fridge upon arrival at your destination, and we recommend to take it out 1-2 hours before you wish to enjoy it, so it can come back down to room temperature.  During colder months, you can leave it somewhere cool/shaded.

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