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Mila’s Bakery

About Mila’s Bakery

Read all about Mila’s Bakery and how they have grown into a well-known and loved business in Plympton, Plymouth and the UK!

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Mila’s Bakery

A bit from the owners of Mila’s Bakery


We are a husband and wife team, Paige & Dan, and we are the owners of Mila’s Bakery! 💍

Both of our families have bakery backgrounds. My uncle had owned a bakery for over 20 years, which I helped out at from a young age. Dan’s dad is a baker, and Dan’s mum had opened a cake shop in 2013, which is where my love for cakes started. I joined her bakery in 2016 and quickly realised that baking is my passion! I am a self-taught cake decorator & baker and love all things baking. Dan is the man who ensures that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly!

Lots of Love,

Paige & Dan xxx

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Paige Brown


Mila's Bakery

About - Paige Brown - Milas Bakery

Paige - Owner (Mila's Mum)

Paige owns Mila's Bakery and started the company. She is a dedicated brownie lover and can’t go a day without eating them!  A self-taught baker & cake decorator, Paige spends most of her time now running between the 3 shops/units & replying to emails!  And if not, she's forcing Jenny to practice Tiktok Routines! She was the winner of ‘Young Person of the Year 2021’ at the Plymouth Live Business Awards.

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About - Dan in Office - Milas Bakery

Dan Brown


Mila's Bakery

About - Dan in Office About - Milas Bakery

Dan - Owner (Mila's Dad)

Dan left his plumbing job & joined the company full time in 2020, as we were quickly growing and needed help! He is now the behind the scenes, ensuring everything is running as it should!  He calls himself the janitor, as he always seems to be fixing things!  Paige calls him the fixer of everything!

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Mila (Our Namesake)

Star Of The Show

Mila's Bakery

About - Mila Ice Cream Mobile - Milas Bakery

Mila - (Our Namesake)

Mila's is named after Paige & Dan’s beautiful Sprocker Spaniel. 🐶  Pronounced 'Mee-la' she is the star of the show!


Mila’s Bakery

Highlights from Mila’s History

After working in my Mother-in-Law’s bakery, I then took the massive risk and opened Mila's Bakery in June 2019, straight into our little bakery on the Ridgeway!  With no savings, I took a massive leap and thought ‘I'm going to work really hard for this!’  I'm a bit of a risk taker, and live off 'If it doesn’t work out, at least I gave it my best and did it.’

Now, I would be lying if I said I did it all on my own... my mum & sister who both worked in my uncle’s bakery for all those years, came along with me.  The 3 of us would bake in the tiny kitchen whilst serving in between, and we made it work!  The business quickly took off, with our boxes of brownies selling out fast, and our UK postals slowly picking up, I couldn't believe it!

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All of the 16-hour days were worth it, and within 1 year we quickly grew out of our tiny Ridgeway kitchen.  I got the keys to our new production kitchen just down the road, in Plympton.  Dan quit his plumbing job to come along as a Director, as I couldn't cope with the behind the scenes!

Whilst still making everything from scratch in small batches, we have quickly grown from a team of 3 to now having an amazing team of 37!  We have definitely kept it family-based as now there is me, my mum, my sister, my dad, Dan, my step mum & my niece!  One thing I can never believe, is that we employ 37 local people and spend every day with them. 😀

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After surviving a pandemic, shop closures, and a cost of living crisis… In 2022 we took the massive leap of opening our second shop, but as a sit-in café and dessert shop - we are enjoying the ride of owning 2 shops!  We are so passionate about our family-run bakery, whilst keeping the family traditions running, and always ensuring we bake everything with care & attention - we are so proud of where we are now!

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